Reading recovery lessons 

We had lots of fun in our roaming around the known lessons and are now ready to start learning lots of new things. Each session the children will be doing the following activities;

1. Familiar reading (Reading a book that they have already done with the teacher)

2. Yesterday's new book (A new book will have been introduced the previous day and we will read this)

3. Word/letter work (We will use our magnet letters to work on new letters and making words)

4. Writing (Each student will choose a story they want to write about for the session. It can be on any topic that they want)

5. New book (A new book will be introduced at the end of each lesson)

Homework: The homework being sent home will be a familiar book and a cut apart sentence. This sentence will be what they have written that day. For homework, they will piece it back together into their copybook and can draw a picture to go with it.


Look at some of the great writing we did before Halloween. 

Sample writing halloween

Roaming around the known

In reading recovery, we have started roaming around the known. For the next 10 days, we will be working on lots of activities to practice the sounds and words that we know, as well as reading lots of books and even writing our own.


Take a look at some of the fun activities that we have been doing

We practiced all of the different words and sounds we knew in lots of different ways.


We wrote our words in sand.


We read our letters and sight words and built a tower out of them. Then we had fun trying to blow or knock it down.

rr7 rr24

We sorted letters into groups and tried to write as many as we could to beat our scores on the timer.



We acted like detectives looking for words and letters we knew in lots of different books we were reading.



We searched for our names in hundreds and thousands and glued them onto eyes as eyelashes.rr19


                                                     We have done lots of work on finding the letters we know in lots of different ways.


We hunted in salt for the letters and sorted them into their groups.










                                                                                                     We found letters in 'dirt' and sorted them into the different construction trucks.



























We enjoyed pretending to be archaeologists. We used our brushes to search in flour for the missing letters.


rr 222