Important Information for Parents of Pupils in the Infant School
Principal: Mrs Mc Cartan, Deputy Principal: Ms Coffey 
Secretary: Mrs Cathy Buckley, Home/School Teacher: Mrs M. Bourke
- Our Mission –
We hope that all children will be very happy in our school and that they will enjoy learning in an environment that is safe and secure.
School Hours: School opens at 9.05am. All pupils go home at 1.45pm (Junior Infants, Senior Infants & First Class)
School Uniform: A Tracksuit Uniform ie Navy Tracksuit Bottoms + Navy & Royal Blue Top (with crest), Yellow Polo Shirt. Available from :
School Monies: Parents are asked to pay a total of €35 this year towards the cost of providing material for your child for art, photocopying and music. For parents with two children the cost will be  €45 and for those with three children the cost is €55
School Books: Parents are asked to purchase schoolbooks during the summer holidays. It is important that children have all books when returning to school in September. Booklists for each class are available in June each year. Copies, pencils etc may be purchased from the Secretary’s office in September. Parents in receipt of social welfare are entitled to free schoolbooks, please fill out Book Grant form (from Secretary).
Lunch: Our school is fortunate to be part of the School Lunch Initiative by the Department of Education and Science. A healthy morning snack and school lunch is supplied to each child free of charge each day. (See lunch sheet). Therefore children do not have to bring lunch to school and parents are asked to co-operate with this arrangement. Please inform teacher if your child has special dietary needs as the school lunch may be adjusted for your child. The Infant School has a healthy lunch policy :please note that crisps, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, cereal bars, fizzy drinks are not allowed in school 
Homework: Homework is an integral part of school life and reinforces work done in school. As a general rule homework is given Monday to Thursday (no homework on Fridays or at weekends). Homework is expected from each child, however should a child genuinely be unable to do homework on particular night, an explanation from home (verbal or written) is expected.
Health & Safety: While every effort will be made by the school authorities to look after your child, accidents and illness do occur from time to time. It is essential that contact numbers for parents/guardians be notified to the Principal and Secretary. Parents are advised to sign a Consent Form to allow treatment of your child by medics in the case of an emergency. It is also important to notify Class Teacher and Principal if your child has any health /medical concerns that may need special attention.
The Infant School complies with the Department of Education guidelines 'CHILDREN FIRST' and has an up to date Child Protection Policy which has been ratified by the school Board of Management. The school is obliged to report any concerns about child welfare & protection to the relevant authorities - this is to ensure the safety and protection of all children inthe care of the school. 
School Attendance: The Education Welfare Act (July 2002) requires school authorities to inform the Education Welfare Board where any pupil is absent for more than 20 days in any one school year. Equally, parents are obliged to inform the school of the dates and reasons why children are absent. When a child is absent a letter /medical certificate must accompany the child on his/her return to school. Unfortunately, a verbal message to the Teacher, Principal or Secretary will not suffice. We are obliged to keep all letters received from parents explaining an absence for examination by the Education Welfare Officer who visits the school each term.
Code of Behaviour: We aim to create a caring and secure educational environment for all our children where values of respect and understanding are promoted. We ask all parents to work in partnership with our teachers and staff to support us in implementing the Code of Behaviour. Please make sure that your child is aware of and co-operates with the Code of Behaviour of the Infant School. (Copy of Code of Behaviour is available to all parents) 
Pupils go to playground each day, weather permitting at 11.30am until 12.00. During this time children can play games, meet friends and have fun in an outdoor environment. In cold weather children should wear suitable shoes and also wear warm coats etc Supervision: - The school playground is supervised by 2 teachers and class assistant(s) at all times. All pupils must observe the school rules during playground time 
School Statement on Bullying: The Infant School strives to ensure that all children in our school can learn, work and play in an environment, which is totally free from bullying. We take all allegations of bullying seriously and will thoroughly investigate reports of bullying behaviour. Parents and pupils must report incidents of bullying to class teachers who will investigate the matter. More serious incidents of bullying will be referred to the Deputy Principal and/or Principal by the teacher.