School Self Evaluation

School self-evaluation is primarily about school improvement and development. It is about the school improving the quality of education that we provide for our pupils and affirming and building on what is working well. It identifies areas in need of development and helps to decide on actions that should be taken to bring about improvements in those areas. It reports to the school community about the strengths in the work of the school and its priorities for improvement and development. Teachers reflect on their work and on the learning that their pupils achieve as part of their daily professional work.

This is a process that has been taking place in the Infant  School on an ongoing basis, SSE formalises our approach and for the school year 2013/2014 the focus has been on literacy. You have already taken part in our SSE for this school year through the parent questionnaires which you kindly completed and returned to the school. A number of pupils have also taken part in addition to all of our teachers. By the end of this school year we hope to have a summary of our findings, both strengths and target areas and of course our improvement plan. I’d like to thank you for your input into this process, we found your questionnaires very helpful and informative.Both our improvement plan and our report were ratified by the BOM on 13th May 2013.

                      For the school year 2014/2015 the focus will be on Numeracy


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